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2016 Annual Meeting

NPC’s Annual Meeting will be held on Sunday, April 10, 2016

immediately following the worship service in the sanctuary.


Nominees for election:

Corporate Officers:
Tim Borchers – Moderator of Corporation (Read Tim’s Bio)

A member since 1982, I have the pleasure of being married to Ruth (MacDonald) Borchers. We live in Medfield with the last of our 8 kids. I came to Boston, Newton Pres (initially as a mercenary paid tenor section leader in the choir), started law school and met my wife in the choir in a marvelous whirlwind in 1981. Though I grew up a Methodist with two pastors in the family, I gladly left that rogue past behind to be part of this wonderful family of believers. Ruth and I married in1983 (with a reception in the parlor where we each sang to each other, and performed a duet – I believe we made history in that regard), and have enjoyed being a part of NPC all these years. I have served on the Deacons, as Clerk of Session, taught some Sunday School, acted in church musicals, sung O Holy Night about 30 times, and off and on over 30 years have acted as legal counsel for the Church. I am an estate planning, trusts and estates lawyer at my own small law firm, a profession I am blessed to enjoy, with wonderful colleagues and clients. However, none of that can hold a candle to the fact that Jesus is Lord of my life and the Rock in whom I trust. His Word is a daily refreshment and His grace a daily redemption for me, a sinner.

I don’t like tedious church meetings any more than the next person, but when duty calls I believe the occasions should be orderly, respectful, and purposeful in carrying out His work. I will do my best to moderate with integrity and fairness.

Donna MacQuarrie – Clerk of Corporation
Lynne MacQuarrie – Treasurer
Randy Kenny – Asst. Treasurer
Roger Binggeli – Financial Secretary (Read Roger’s Bio)

I was born and baptized in Switzerland to Swiss parents, however I was raised outside of New York City, where I attended Larchmont Avenue Church (PCUSA) through my school years. I was active in Sunday School, children’s choir, youth groups, and also served as a youth Deacon for a year in high school after I became a confirmed member.

During my senior year of college, I lost my younger brother to bacterial meningitis. Although my childhood church helped me through the grieving process, it was not until 10 years later, when I began attending NPC that I learned to appreciate the Truth of the Lord. I am grateful for many of the people of this church, past and present, that have guided me through this transformation.

I have been involved with the Finance Committee for approximately five years, first serving as Assistant Financial Secretary under Lois Hynes while I was going through a career transition, and then about three years ago was asked to serve as Financial Secretary. Over the past few years, as my schedule has become busier, I have been ably and graciously assisted by first Aggie May, and now Maria van den Bosch.

Professionally, I am a business analyst with a consulting firm in Boston that services the investment management industry, I hold MBA and graduate accounting degrees from Suffolk University, and I graduated from Colby College in Maine where I met my wife Melanie. We have been blessed with two children, Lukas, 8, and Mia, 5. Thanks be to God for the many gifts He has given me, including the opportunity to give back to NPC.

Maria van den Bosch – Assistant Financial Secretary (Read Maria’s Bio)

I was raised in a Christian family on the Dutch Bible Belt. Met my husband, Laurent Boer, for the first time when I was probably in elementary school, but married him years later. We have three boys – 2 in college and 1 in high school – which makes me the only woman in the family. After some moving and attending different churches we landed in Newton Presbyterian Church in 2011.

If I look back I think I have been very fortunate in having family that has been showing their faith in their lives in different ways, from my outgoing, singing grandfather to my devoted mom, to my father-in-law, who spend hours searching the Bible and history books for his introductions in Bible study groups. They all helped me grow in my faith and showed me that there are many ways to love the Lord.

Because I love numbers, tax-puzzles (and sudokus) I am looking forward to help out as a financial secretary and give some of my time to the financial/administrative side of the church.

Susan Brouwer – Auditor (Read Susan’s Bio)

I am a lifelong Massachusetts resident, having grown up in central Mass. and living in Watertown and West Roxbury since 2003. I was a member of Pleasant St. Christian Reformed Church in Whitinsville until I moved out this way and adopted NPC as my new church family. I have been a member for over 10 years and am in the Chancel Choir.

I am an RN, but I left hospital nursing for a career in clinical research. I am currently Director of Clinical Operations for a small company in Framingham. I run oncology clinical trials.

I am a devoted aunt to 5 amazing children. In my spare time, I enjoy cycling, skiing, golfing, and reading. I am training for my 4th Pan Mass Challenge this year.

I am also a diehard Boston Sports fan and have enjoyed major highs and lows with these teams over the years.

Finance Committee:
Connie DeVol
Bonnie Jordan
Fred Jordan
Donna MacQuarrie
Aggie May (Read Aggie’s Bio)

I was born into a Mennonite family in B.C., Canada. I trained as a nurse in Vancouver, then worked at the Albert Schweitzer Hospital in Haiti for 11 years. There I met and married Hal. We returned to this country in 1970. For 22 years I worked in a mental health clinic in Boston. We have been members of NPC for about 32 years.

Bob O’Mara (Read Bob’s Bio)

Bob is a professional engineer, now retired after 30 plus years at Stone & Webster Engineering Corp in Boston. Previous experience was with Pennsalt Chemicals for 6 years in Kentucky, where he met and married his wife Lucy. As an NROTC graduate in Chemical Engineering from Yale in 1958, he spent 3 years in the Pacific as an officer aboard a Navy destroyer. His initial experience with finance started as head of the wardroom mess, which collected dues of about $30 per month from each member in good standing. His Presbyterian association started in 1946, when his family moved to Darien, CT, and continued until the present.

Anders Brownworth (2017)
Carmen Aldinger (2019) (Read Carmen’s Bio)

I have grown up as part of the protestant state church in Germany. After coming to the U.S., I learned more about the importance of having a personal relationship with Jesus during international student weekends, sponsored by churches, and Urbana student conferences, sponsored by Intervarsity. I joined NPC upon moving to the Boston area in 1998, and have served for six years as a Deacon and nine years as a ruling Elder, six of these also as the chair of the Global Mission Outreach Team. For almost 15 years, I have been part of the Tuesday morning prayer team at NPC. I currently serve as the Clerk of Session. I am working in global health, currently as Program Manager for the Multi-Regional Clinical Trials Center of Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard. Since July 2013, I have been married to Darrell Hartwick.

Tom DeVol (2019) (Read Tom’s Bio)

I was born and raised in Philadelphia and came to Boston to attend Andover Newton Theological School in Newton. In 1978 I entered the financial services business, in which I have been engaged up to the present. Now I run a retirement planning and insurance practice with my wife, Connie, whom I married in 1990. We have two children, Ellie and Lucas, and Jessica DeVol from my first marriage.

I was raised in the faith, especially by my mother, and have carried it throughout my life. Ten years ago, coincident with our attendance at NPC, I began to take it more seriously. Since then I have enjoyed work in various capacities. I love NPC, both for what it has done for my family and me, and for its potential future impact on the world.

Beatrice Yankey (2019)

Nancy Brisebois (2019) (Read Nancy’s Bio)

Nancy has been coming to NPC since 2012 and became a member at the start of 2015. She currently sings with the Chancel Choir at church and the Westboro Community Chorus. Nancy is mom to 6 grown children and has worked as a nanny, a kindergarten and preschool teacher, and an inn owner.

Rose Mayers (2019) (Read Rose’s Bio)

My name is Rose Mayers and I have been a member of this church for just about ten years. I grew up in a home with my mom, a Presbyterian and dad, an Episcopalian and have been a Presbyterian ever since. Serving as a deacon in my old church and serving here before.

It is a distinct honor to serve the Lord, even more so as I am getting to know him now, more than ever before. It used to be that my closeness with the Lord was mainly at Sunday morning services, night time prayers, and occasionally other prayers. Today, who could have told me that I would get to know him this well and that I would jump at the chance to serve him in spirit and truth and readily confess he is my Lord and Saviour. I think of King David as he went in before the Lord and said, “Who am I, Lord God, and what is my family, that you have brought me this far?”

I immigrated from Guyana, South America twenty-six years ago and lived in different parts of Brighton. While I taught school for more than ten years back in South America, my current job has been in sales at an insurance company for more than twenty-five years. I have three children and two adorable grandchildren.

Betsy Parker (2019)

Nominating Committee:
Jeff Carnes (Read Jeff’s Bio)

I grew up in San Diego, CA where I attended First Presbyterian Church of San Diego with my family. I came to Boston in 2004 to work for General Electric in Lynn and joined NPC in 2005. My wife, Bethany, and I have 3 children. As a child, my parents lead me in strengthening my faith. Throughout my college years in San Diego and South Bend, my faith became my own as I saw the Holy Spirit work through the good and the bad situations. Now as a father leading my children in their faith journey, I feel the Holy Spirit’s call to continually grow my own relationship with Christ Jesus. I look forward to seeking out Christ called leaders for our church through the nominating committee.

Darrell Hartwick (Read Darrell’s Bio)

My dad, brother, great grandfather, and cousin are/were Pentecostal ministers, and I accepted Jesus into my heart when I was ten years old. I came to Boston to study engineering in the late 1970’s and attended the same church for 24 years. I started attending NPC in 2003 and served as an elder on Session from 2007 to 2010. Somewhat unexpectedly for Pentecostals, my dad and brother both graduated from or worked at Presbyterian seminaries. Perhaps it’s this mixture of Arminian and Reformed, rational and romantic, that explains my fascination with why people believe what they do. I hope to offer all of these gifts, and more, to NPC.

Nancy Kenny (Read Nancy’s Bio)

I was born and raised in Watertown, Massachusetts. I am the youngest of two children of Frank and Ruth (Christian) MacDonald. I still reside in the home I grew up in with my Husband, Randy; Daughter, Meagan; and our dogs, Freckles and Cal.

After graduating from college I began my career as a paralegal. I currently work full time for one attorney for whom I have worked for since 1987.

I met my husband in December of 1988 and we were engaged six months later. We were married at NPC in February of 1990. We were blessed with our precious daughter Meagan in August of 2000.

I grew up attending a Catholic church in Belmont, Massachusetts, but never really felt at home there. I started attending NPC after meeting Randy as he was raised in this church. I was immediately struck by the sense of community at NPC and how at home I felt here.

My personal belief and relationship with Christ is not something that happened quickly for me.  My journey has been a slow and steady work in progress.  After the birth of my daughter and knowing what a gift and a blessing God had given Randy and me, I started becoming more than a Sunday morning attender. Meagan was baptized at NPC and attended PCNS. I then served on the board of the nursery school for two years. I officially became a member of NPC in 2007. I served as a Deacon from 2009 until 2012 and began a second term as a Deacon in 2013. Through the years my family and I have also been blessed by an amazing small group as well as events for each of us through the Men’s, Women’s and Youth Ministries. My faith is one that continues to grow every day and one that I feel will always continue to grow throughout my lifetime.

Lucy O’Mara (Read Lucy’s Bio)

I have been a member of Newton Presbyterian Church since 1968. My husband, Bob, and I have a son and a daughter and four grandchildren. I was fortunate to grow up in a Christian home in Paducah, KY and made a profession of faith at church camp when I was a teenager. I have served on several boards of NPC including Session and Personnel and now am active in New2U and am a member of the Chancel Choir.

Barbara Reed

Presbyterian Church Nursery School Board:
Clare Medendorp