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Membership & Baptism

New Members / Inquirer’s Class

You certainly don’t have to be a member to be a part of our community, but God might be calling you to put down some deeper roots and increase your commitment. If so, finding more about membership might be the way to go. We offer sessions for inquirers throughout the academic year. You’ll discover more about God, your gifts and talents, and our church. At the end of the orientation, you might decide it’s the right time to become a member of NPC. Or maybe you’ll have more questions and want to wait. Some people decide to become followers of Jesus and are baptized at the same time as becoming members. In any case, we hope you’ll take a step forward in your journey of faith. For more information about upcoming classes, contact 


Teenagers need to develop and articulate a relationship with Jesus Christ during a critical time in their spiritual formation. Confirmation helps them do this. If you’re a parent, we hope you’ll consider talking the option over with your son or daughter. If you’re a young person, come and join us. It may sound intense, but it’s intensely fun! For more information, contact the church office:


Our church baptizes or dedicates infants and baptizes adults. If the one baptized is a child, one or both parents must commit themselves to a personal faith in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord and one or both parents must be members of NPC. A parents’ training session with the Pastor usually takes place the week before a child is baptized. If you’re an adult interested in baptism, we are thrilled that God is calling you and invite you to join our inquirer’s orientation.

If you have questions, please contact