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Pastoral Transition

June 20, 2015

Our Mission Study and Ministry Information Form have been approved by Session and the Presbytery, and the Pastoral Nominating Committee is actively seeking applicants for NPC’s new Senior Pastor.

Please refer to our Ministries Job Opportunities page for the Ministry Information Form and additional information about the position.  If you have questions about the process or the job, send an email to pnc [at]  To apply for the position, send a cover letter, PIF/resume, and statement of faith to pnc [at]

Read the Mission Study

January 18, 2015

The mission study approved

Pastoral Nominating Committee established


August 17, 2014 – Mission Study Update

Download the file for the report given at the 8/17/14 meeting.

Info Meeting with Congregation Slide 17AUG2014 Final

Mission Study Thought of the Week (8/24/14) Download the following slides:  thought of the week 1



Here’s our timetable…are you with us?

  • Mission Study Team (MST) confirmed March 16;
  • MST seeks to conduct mission study through active listening and praying in a timely manner
  • Two sub – committees started: Demographic Study of the congregation (all of us) and the community (all we touch), Qualitative study of the community.   Congregational Study- Discernment Survey (active involvement of all)
  • First Congregational Meeting: mid/end May
  • Congregational Survey with quantitative emphasis (End of May)
  • Second Congregational Meeting: End of June
  • Report to Session & Congregation: August/September

Mission Study Team:

Beatrice Yankey

Dan Hynes

Hal May

James Yeh

Jay Straughan

Laurent Boer

Sara Staats

Wendy Williams

Tom DeVol

Emi Wieczorek

Jean Risley



On April 1st, the Rev. Dr. Jean Risely became our Interim Pastor.

Why do we need an Interim Pastor?

The role of an Interim Pastor is to help a congregation adjust to the loss of one pastor and get ready to welcome another. As an outside “consultant,” the interim offers valuable insight into who we are as a church so we can become more aware of our strengths and growth areas. He or she will assist the current ministry staff through this transition time by leading the Session and sharing in the preaching. An interim’s role is to help our church move forward into the future God has called us and to become ready to receive the next pastor God will bring to NPC. Because of this unique transitional role, the interim is not considered as candidate for the permanent senior pastor position.



  1. STUDY –  A Mission Study Committee is formed through the Session. The Committee gathers input from the congregation leading to prayerful interpretation of who we are, who our neighbors are, and what God is calling us to be and do. The Mission Study must be approved by Session, and then by Presbytery, and is presented to the Congregation.
  2. ORGANIZE – Congregational Nominating Committee compiles a slate of candidates for the Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC) which is voted on at a Congregational Meeting. The PNC meets with Presbytery representative and reviews Mission Study and materials for a Church Information Form (CIF).
  3. PREPARE – PNC finalizes our CIF, sends it to Session and the Committee on Ministry (COM) for approval.
  4. SEARCH – The CIF is posted on the national Presbyterian website and in other appropriate places. The PNC explores leads from the congregation and other places and begins to receive Personal Information Forms (PIFs) from pastoral candidates.
  5. REVIEW – PNC prayerfully reviews PIFs, sermons, recommendations, interviews, visits, etc. leading to a ranking of candidates and checking references (including a Presbytery check).
  6. SELECT – Search is prayerfully narrowed. After conferring with the COM, a final nominee is chosen and the invitation is made to be the candidate presented to the Congregation.
  7. NOMINATE – The candidate for Pastor Head of Staff is presented to the congregation at a Sunday worship service and Congregational meeting. Congregation votes to receive the candidate.
  8. CELEBRATE – After being approved by NPC and the Presbytery, an installation for the new pastor is held at the church. Thanks be to God!

Note: This is a prayerful, thoughtful, time-tested process that may take anywhere from 18 months to 3 years. We are confident that God has the right person in mind for us. Please start praying now! In fact, we are hoping to undergird this entire transition, from start to finish, with prayer.


March 25, 2013

Note from Pastor Rob on his leaving


Dearest Newton Presbyterian Church Family,

I’m writing to share some bittersweet news. I have accepted a call to serve as Senior Pastor/Head of Staff at Moraga Valley Presbyterian Church. This decision was not easy for our family. We love our church community here in Newton. We’ve lived in New England longer than any other place in our lives. We raised our sons here, and our hearts are deeply con­nected to you on so many levels. We have loved seeing God at work in our church during these past 12 years. As hard as it will be to leave Newton, God has provided a wonderful opportunity for us. Like you, Moraga Valley Presbyterian Church is Christ-centered and mission-minded. It is located near Saint Mary’s College, where Tim attends, and where Jim plans to return with us. It is also just 15 minutes from Mitali’s parents.

Your Session has met and begun discussing the next steps for our church, and has a plan of transition (see above.) Pastoral change is actually one of those times when the Presbyterian system can be most helpful. The elders have voted to form a search committee to look for an Interim Pastor, who will serve as a transitional leader while you find your next permanent Senior Pastor. During this time, the congregation will elect a Pastoral Nominating Committee (PNC) to begin the process of discerning who the candidate is for the next Senior Pastor. A church as wonderful as this will have many capable and faithful applicants. The PNC will prayerfully consider these candidates, while following a careful, thorough, time-tested process to select the next pastor for NPC. They will work in consultation with the Presbytery of Boston, which has the resources to help congregations through times of transition. Of course, your very gifted staff will continue to equip and care for the needs of the congregation. How grateful I am for them!

Our family will miss you dearly and look forward with joy to all that God has ahead for Newton Presbyterian Church. This has been a wonderful season, and we give thanks for all that God has accomplished in and through us as a community empowered by the Spirit. It has been one of the greatest privileges of my life to serve as your pastor. With the Apostle Paul, “I am confident that he who began a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ.” (Phil. 1:6).

With love in Christ,

Rob Perkins